Meet the team

nick williams

Founder of CBG

Nick leads the marketing strategy and development behind CBG. He has direct experience marketing and working in his childcare business and has used his strategies to help thousands of childcare business owners.   

jenna williams

Co Founder of CBG

As a Co founder of CBG and director of a nursery Jenna knows what's important when it comes to the message behind childcare marketing - combining working knowledge of childcare and leading a team, Jenna helps our clients systemise their business.

daphene booker

Member Success Coach

Daphene has built her childcare empire in Memphis with multiple locations and hundreds of successful events planned and executed flawlessly  - She is now paving the way for other childcare business owners to achieve the same success.

sophie kerr

Member Success Coach

Sophie has built a multi location childcare business with her sister Anna. Not only have they achieved outstanding status, Sophie is great at systems and staff moral.  Sophie supports our Global community with operations, staff motivation and incentives. 

joy maxwell

Member Success Coach

Joy is the inspirational childcare consultant! After working as a teacher's aid, a spark was lit inside Joy, driving her to become a teacher. From her own journey and the process that she followed, she helps business owners set up for unbelievable success.

Asia rivers

Member Success Coach

Asia has rescued thousands of business owners from business credit denials to fully funded business projects based off the credibility of their business. She is a Conquer. A resilient, and sassy C.E.O. of Seal the Deal Credit Consultants. A workaholic to the core.

kerry whitehouse

Member Success Coach

Kerry and her sister Vicky have not only built two very successful child care brands, but have also created a great educational recruitment business supplying hundreds of businesses with high quality staff. 

Vicky Powell

Member Success Coach

Vicky and her sister Kerry have not only built two very successful child care brands, but have also created a great educational recruitment business supplying hundreds of businesses with high quality staff. Vicky supports our community with policies and procedures, contracts and fees.

Jocelyn Manzanarez

Member Success Coach

Jocelyn has put in her 10,000 hours when it comes to circle time. Now she helps business owners by educating their teachers on how to provide engaging activities along with classroom management strategies that bring the fun and learning back to circle time.

Kerry Whitehouse

Finance & Credit Consultant  

Kerry and her sister have built three outstanding 

Debbie lawson

Automations Specialist

Debbie specialises in automations and will make sure that everything is running smoothly behind-the-scenes with your onboarding pipelines and follow-up emails. She’s your secret weapon for gaining back precious time to focus on what you love about your business!

lauren lavington

Operations Manager

Lauren heads up our Operations and is responsible for supporting the team, so that our team is in the best position to support you! She works closely with each department to lead and motivate them to deliver excellent results for you and your clients at every step of your journey with us.

kim taylor

Head Of Design

Good design can make or break your first impression with website visitors. She has a wealth of experience in design and knows exactly how to create the perfect visual profile for your business. She heads up our brand team, making sure that each and every client has a unique brand style guide that can be easily identified throughout their marketing.

tim west

Head of Design

Tim is an exceptional designer, website builder, and coding wizard. He has been creating awesome online content professionally for years, from websites to lead magnets and online graphics, and knows how to make your website the perfect balance of creative and persuasive in order to convert the most customers.

steven bryant

Designer & Illustrator

Steven is a talented designer and illustrator, he has a wealth of experience in digital and print design. In this spare time, he has created his own range of children's books. 


Graphic & Web Designer

Joel is well versed in digital and printed marketing assets, with a strong background in website design Joel is always striving to push the boundaries of what a website can do, in terms of function and style!


Graphic & Web Designer

Rochelle is an experienced designer with lots of experience across printed collateral. She has the ability to build a great relationship with clients and gain a deep understanding of their needs. Rochelle is always trying out new design techniques to see how they can add to customer experience.

symone hinds

Designer & Illustrator

As a designer, Symone knows the importance of creating a memorable and cohesive experience for your clients. She is interested in all things creative, with experience in design for print and a keen interest in design for web, digital and tech.


Graphic Designer

Rik has a plethora of experience in print design, from business cards to large scale banner design. Rik always knows what assets will make an impact of your setting! He understands his clients and always wants to find the best want for them to stand out from the competition.

michael tracey


Everything we teach our clients has been tried and tested in-house, and Michael is responsible for creating our own internal video content to share this knowledge with you in the most effective way possible. If you need any quick tips to boost your marketing, make sure you take a look at Michael’s videos!



Video is more important than ever and is likely to remain a critical tool for getting your business noticed! Julie is our lead videographer and will oversee all aspects of your video content to make sure that any video we create will immediately ‘stop the scroll’ and get people looking at your business.


Paid Advertising Executive

Vivian heads up our Facebook ads team having spent many years working directly for Facebook. Let's face it, social media marketing is constantly evolving and is often difficult to understand and navigate. Vivian is here to ensure we're always innovating and keeping our clients 10 steps ahead of their big brand competition.

megan corbett

Project Manager

The trick to excellent copy is making all of your online touchpoints, from your social media copy to your website and even PDF downloads, blend seamlessly with an accurate and engaging brand voice. Megan will make sure that even before your customer has a conversation with you, that they are already familiar with who you are and what makes you different.

tara pilkington


Tara works with clients to ensure that they sound awesome online! She helps craft our clients own unique brand voice so it’s the perfect balance of personality and professionalism. Whether they're looking to establish a new and effective online persona or rework their established voice, Tara helps put what's in the head onto paper.



Harleen works directly with our amazing clients to produce outstanding copy across all of their marketing collateral! She ensures their brand voice touches every platform and information is up to date and inline with their company values.


Google Ads Executive

Sam is responsible for everything Google. This is everything for Paid Advertising across Google, managing and optimising your Google Business Profile and ensuring you are showing on the world's biggest search platform. Sam has a wealth of knowledge he can share with you as well as tips and tricks to improve ranking.


Account Manager

Sophie is one of our account managers that is responsible for looking after our clients. Sophie works closely with our clients and our team to ensure  projects are completed and delivered on time.


Account Manager

Antonio is here to help you in your onboarding stage. He will help you with Awto and answer any questions you may have.  He is one of our account managers that is responsible for looking after our clients and make sure they get everything they need from our team.


Social Media Executive

Wiktoria oversees our clients social media needs, she has a keen interest in design and content creations as well as studying part time for her degree in marketing. She will be able to help you with any adhoc requests for content to be made and give you tips and tricks to improve your social media presence.

Shay Constantinou

Executive Assistant

Shayanne is here to help with the day-to-day running of the business. She helps to create a seamless experience for our clients by liaising between Nick and the team. Shay also manages Nick's diary and can help you arrange a one to one  session with him to work on your strategy.

UK Office:

3 Gatsby Court,

172 Holliday Street,


B1 1TJ

Tel:+44 (0) 121 695 9057

USA Office:

66 West Flagler Street

Suite 900 - #7095Miami

FL 33130

Tel:+1 (786) 776-4009

Who Are Nick & Jenna?

Over the last 15 years, Jenna and Nick have had their own childcare facilities and trained thousands of childcare professionals around the World.

They're on a mission to help 100,000 childcare professionals get more customers, stand out from the competition and have a hugely successful business where they are not a slave to their business and get to spend time doing the things they love.

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  • Monthly Mastermind Meetings (where we'll spend the whole day working on your business)                (£9,997 Value)
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls (where you'll get to ask any questions that are holding you back)          (£4,997 Value)
  • Guest Speakers - Facebook ads, Funnel Building, Story Telling, and lots more....                                 (£2,997 Value)
  • Coaching & Accountability - Whatever you need help on....we'll make sure you take action             (£1,997 Value)