Meet The Team


Founder of CBG

Nick leads the marketing strategy and development behind CBG. He has direct experience marketing and working in his childcare business and has used his strategies to help thousands of childcare business owners.   


Co Founder of CBG

As a Co founder of CBG and director of a nursery Jenna knows what's important when it comes to the message behind childcare marketing - combining working knowledge of childcare and leading a team, Jenna helps our clients systemise their business.

Kerry Whitehouse

Finance & Credit Consultant  

Kerry and her sister have built three outstanding 


Head Of Design

Good design can make or break your first impression with website visitors. She has a wealth of experience in design and knows exactly how to create the perfect visual profile for your business. She heads up our brand team, making sure that each and every client has a unique brand style guide that can be easily identified throughout their marketing.


Operations Manager

Lauren heads up our Operations and is responsible for supporting the team, so that our team is in the best position to support you! She works closely with each department to lead and motivate them to deliver excellent results for you and your clients at every step of your journey with us.


Automations Specialist

Debbie specialises in automations and will make sure that everything is running smoothly behind-the-scenes with your onboarding pipelines and follow-up emails. She’s your secret weapon for gaining back precious time to focus on what you love about your business!

tim west

Head of Design

Tim is an exceptional designer, website builder, and coding wizard. He has been creating awesome online content professionally for years, from websites to lead magnets and online graphics, and knows how to make your website the perfect balance of creative and persuasive in order to convert the most customers.


Project Manager

Megan works with the team to ensure deadlines are met and processes are working efficiently. Her role is to support the team in planning and delivering projects to you. She also helps our team quality control everything we create for you! She was previously a copy writer, so you may catch her jumping on some writing tasks to support our Copywriters from time to time.


Head of Paid Advertising

Vivian heads up our Facebook ads team having spent many years working directly for Facebook. Let's face it, social media marketing is constantly evolving and is often difficult to understand and navigate. Vivian is here to ensure we're always innovating and keeping our clients 10 steps ahead of their big brand competition.


Graphic & Web Designer

Rochelle is an experienced designer with lots of experience across printed collateral. She has the ability to build a great relationship with clients and gain a deep understanding of their needs. Rochelle is always trying out new design techniques to see how they can add to customer experience.


Graphic & Web Designer

Joel is well versed in digital and printed marketing assets, with a strong background in website design Joel is always striving to push the boundaries of what a website can do, in terms of function and style!


Designer & Illustrator

Steven is a talented designer and illustrator, he has a wealth of experience in digital and print design. In this spare time, he has created his own range of children's books. 


Graphic & Web Designer

As a designer, Diya knows the importance of creating a memorable and cohesive experience for your clients. She is interested in all things creative, with experience in design for print and a keen interest in design for web, digital and tech. She is our User Experience pro - always ensuring accessibility is top of the priority for our clients.


Graphic & Web Designer



Graphic & Web Designer




The trick to excellent copy is making all of your online touch points, from your social media copy to your website and even PDF downloads, blend seamlessly with an accurate and engaging brand voice. Beth will make sure that even before your customer has a conversation with you, that they are already familiar with who you are and what makes you different.



Amara is another of fabulous copy writers, ensure everything we create seems as if it came directly from you! Amara is responsible for her clients written word, making sure authenticity, emotion and care jumps off the page! From Websites, to Ads, to Posters and Flyers, Amara makes sure you get to know her clients through words.



Alex is our very own Historian with a real passion for what lead us to today. He is also able to ensure his clients make history by creating them incredible copy. Alex is able to ensure your brand voice comes across on your website, social media and all other areas of marketing by taking the time and care to really get to know you and what your child care business is all about.


Social Media Executive

Sophie is our Schedule Master, she will be the one keeping to social pages popping! She does everything from planning out our yearly content and creating captivating graphics and videos. She is the key to getting your graphics viewable to the audience by posting them all over your socials!


Paid Traffic Executive

Asmae is like the flash when it comes to ads, she can get your ads set up in no time! Working with Facebook, Instagram and Google - no matter where your audience may be, Asmae can get you in front of them with her ad set up on any of these platforms. Working closely with Vivian, they both ensure you stand out from the competition in the digital space!


Account Manager

Emily has experience in a variety of child care settings, from UK child care, to working in partnership with Charities, Local Authorities and in Community Hubs. She is here to help you generate new ideas in your child care business, streamline practices, and buy back your time. Emily works alongside the other Account Managers doing our monthly client calls, holding training for your team, and ensuring you get the best from our service.



Account Manager

Paige has experience in working in Education as a Qualified Teacher. Using her expertise and experience, she is able to guide our clients through our service and ensure they make use of all we have to offer. Paige works alongside the other Account Managers doing our monthly client calls, holding training for your team, and ensuring you get the best from our service.


Account Manager

Danielle has experience in Business Growth and Development and is here to support our clients to a streamlined way of working. From automating your processes, implementing new systems and driving your business forward. She ensures all her clients can take advantage of everything CBG has to offer working alongside the other Account Managers doing our monthly client calls, holding training for your team, and ensuring you get the best from our service.

UK Office:

3 Gatsby Court,

172 Holliday Street,


B1 1TJ

Tel:+44 0121 517 1950

USA Office:

66 West Flagler Street

Suite 900 - #7095Miami

FL 33130

Tel:+1 929-810-1098

Who Are Nick & Jenna?

Over the last 15 years, Jenna and Nick have had their own childcare facilities and trained thousands of childcare professionals around the World.

They're on a mission to help 100,000 childcare professionals get more customers, stand out from the competition and have a hugely successful business where they are not a slave to their business and get to spend time doing the things they love.

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  • Monthly Mastermind Meetings (where we'll spend the whole day working on your business)                (£9,997 Value)

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls (where you'll get to ask any questions that are holding you back)          (£4,997 Value)

  • Guest Speakers - Facebook ads, Funnel Building, Story Telling, and lots more....                                 (£2,997 Value)

  • Coaching & Accountability - Whatever you need help on....we'll make sure you take action             (£1,997 Value)