CBG: Webinar Replay

How to Hire in 2023:

Attract the Right Candidates to Your Childcare Business

CBG: Webinar Replay

How to Hire in 2023: Attract the
Right Candidates to Your Childcare Business

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What Is A Business Acceleration Session?

It is a complementary conversation: There is absolutely no charge.

You speak directly with our Team: Explain your current marketing situation, what’s working and where you feel there is room for improvement.

We discuss your vision for the business: You can’t get to where you want to go without taking an inventory of where you are. We discuss your situation.

We go into depth about your vision for the business: For most of us, this is the most fun part of the discussion. We can see it so clearly. We just often don’t know exactly how to get there.

We have a conversation about your obstacles on the way to accomplishing your goals: Until we have clarity on our obstacles, we can’t put together a game plan to overcome them.

We have an honest discussion of what is in your way. Then and only then – if it fits – we may discuss potential next steps: This is not for everyone, but if you want, we have a conversation about what else we could do to help you fill and grow your business.

What Strategy Session Participants
Said About Their Experience…

“Thank you for your time this afternoon Nick! When I initially scheduled the strategy session, I was concerned that it might be a waste of time or worse, just a sales pitch. I can honestly say that you exceeded my expectations. You took the time to understand my situation and the goals of the company. Beyond that, you did your due diligence prior to the call by reviewing our website, evaluating our rankings and came to the meeting prepared to share actionable insights and ideas. It was refreshing to talk with a real expert in this area of Internet Marketing without feeling like I was getting the hard sale. I came away from the meeting with a fresh perspective on our overall internet marketing strategy and the reports you shared make it clear what we need to do next.” – Lillian, Little Einstein Child Care.

“I just wanted to take a moment and send you a personal note of thanks for the information you shared on our strategy session this afternoon. I can say without any reservations, you are the real deal when it comes to Child Care Marketing for companies. You are spot on with the depth of your knowledge and your expertise. I understand you only work with one company in each area… Keep up the good work. I honestly cannot believe how much you do for your clients.” – Louise, Little Tigers

“We contacted Nick Williams of Child Care Business Growth after watching one of his webinars. Nick spent over an hour with us, allowing us to ask numerous questions, showing us examples… of his work, and perusing our website. He did not pressure us to sign up for their service, though the offer was made. It was a privilege to speak with him, and his level of knowledge of his business is very evident.” – Chris, Learning Educators

Nick Williams knows his stuff! I was on his webinar a few days ago and took him up on his offer for a strategy session. I feel like we have a pretty strong internet marketing strategy but am always open to new ideas and suggestions for improvement. Nick walked me through a report showing where we are rocking it, but also pointed out a number of areas for improvement and suggestions to do even better.” – Claire, Kingwood Childcare

 “If you run a Child Care business and want to get better results online you can’t afford not to schedule a strategy session with Nick Williams of Child Care Business Growth. I followed Nick’s videos & podcast for several months prior to scheduling my session and wish that I had done it sooner. He broke down my website, showed me exactly what I could do to improve my rankings, and shared a lead generation strategy that I plan to implement right away. Based on the insights he shared, I saved myself hours of wasted time in Trial & Error. It’s clear Nick knows what he is talking about and that he cares about your success. I highly recommend taking him up on his Strategy Session book acceleration sessionOffer.” – Sanjit, Grazing Childcarebook acceleration session

Anna and Sophie have grown their business to having 5 locations with a waiting list and are now opening other businesses due to their success.

Enley has grown his business to being full with a waiting list and has sold one of his locations for over $5million.

Fiona has grown both of her locations and is now expanding her 1st location to take over the whole building.

Kemi has grown her business to 6 locations and is currently looking to purchase more locations.

Karina is now able to run her business from a totally different country due to the systems she has in place.

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