Child Care Marketing Live

September 27th In Orlando, Florida

Sept 27th 2021

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All of the content that will be shared during this event will work for child care businesses of ALL SIZES, WHEREVER you are AROUND THE WORLD 
This Event Is Perfect For Business Owners Who Need To Know:
2 Comma Club Winners
What You'll Learn:
  • How to STAND OUT from your competition…
  • How to UTILISE social media to market your childcare business...
  • ​How to find and hire the best quality staff ahead of your competition...
  • How to build deeper RELATIONSHIPS with families in your community...
  • ​How to BUILD a team that shares your passion and your goals...
  • ​How to ADJUST and ADAPT your business to this new World…
Nick Williams
From: Nick Williams
Where: Orlando, Florida

If you know anything about our events, they are fun and packed full of content!

They’re high energy, and packed with some of the most successful child care business owners on the planet!

So what makes this one different?

Nick Williams
The World Has Changed...
The world is a different place from what it was a year ago! The strategies that were working in 2019 aren’t going to be the ones that work now. Everything we learned in 2020 showed us that marketing has become so much more focused on creating authentic connections and offering genuine support for your customers.

Right now, you need the most up-to-date techniques… The connections… The audience… And the motivation to secure and scale your business and empower your team!

For so many child care business owners, the last 12 months have been a massive learning curve, and we’ve all had to learn how to adapt and create engaged online communities...
Nick Williams
What exactly is
Child Care Marketing LIVE?
It’s a 1-day immersive event where you can meet the team behind Childcare Business Growth, learn from Experts and Leaders in the Child Care Industry, and meet other incredible Child Care Professionals and Business Owners.

I'll also have five amazing speakers joining me to give you a whole day of insight and inspiration!

We're not only going to be sharing all the latest strategies on how to market your business, we’ll also give you all of the tools that you’ll need in order to survive and thrive after an incredibly difficult 12 months!
Presentations from Our experts:
You Won't Have Seen Any Of These Presentations Before!
If you’ve ever attended one of our events're probably wondering will this just be the same content?

Everything at this event is brand new content, giving you the most up-to-date marketing techniques - including everything we’ve learned in the last year about making your business future proof and becoming a leader in your community!
The World Is Now a different place And If You Want To Survive And Thrive You're Going To Need To Do Things Differently...

Who Are Your Event Speakers
Nick Williams
Over the last 15 years, Nick and his wife Jenna have had their own childcare facilities and trained thousands of childcare professionals around the World.

They're on a mission to help 10,000 childcare professionals get more customers, stand out from the competition and have a hugely successful business where they are not a slave to their business and get to spend time doing the things they love.

Nick will be covering all the latest marketing strategies that are working for all their clients around the World and he'll be giving you simple techniques you can take away and literally implement today.
Daphene Booker
For the past fourteen years, Daphene has had the honour to provide quality child care services to Memphis and its surrounding areas.

She is a multi-site operator, has written several publications, is a consultant to other child care business owners, the Global Leader in Child Care Events and successfully puts on events that consistently attract over 1,000 families to attend each time.

Daphene is going to be sharing the importance of events and how they not only help you develop outstanding relationships with your parents, but how they continuously provide you with new families into your business.
Joy Maxwell
With nearly 15 years of experience in childcare, Joy is an inspiration as both a childcare owner and a consultant for other child care professionals.

After working as a teacher's aid, a spark was lit inside Joy, driving her in her journey to becoming a teacher and educating young children. Now, she combines her education and experience to help to inspire, motivate, and guide others along their own journeys.

Joy’s unmistakable positive outlook will have you feeling inspired to get to work straight away as she shares her strategies for setting and manifesting your goals as you take on the challenge of running a successful childcare business.
Asia Rivers
A business credit analyst and business consultant, Asia is here to rescue you from business credit denials to fully funded business projects based on the credibility of your business. She’s the go-to woman to get clear on how to use the power of business credit!

Asia is going to share tips and guidance on how to build business credit, why it’s so important to understand your finances, and how you can alleviate the day-to-day stress of not having money in your business bank account.
Jocelyn Manzanarez
Jocelyn Manzanarez, owner and founder of Musically Minded, held her first class in Maple Valley, Washington with just six babies and their moms. She cultivated the babies’ innate musical abilities and interests through play, song, movement, and love.

Musically Minded offers classes in childcare centers and in-home day cares to help share the valuable experience of music and music-making with more children.

Musically Minded has now grown to reach over 2,000 children each week and continues to grow thanks to a team of talented teachers and amazing partnerships with childcare providers who understand the value of music for young children.
Todd Harris
As a preschool purchase and lease specialist, Todd provides his clients with insight and guidance on everything you need to know as the owner of a child care facility looking to purchase their first or next building.

From start-up to fully fledged business with real estate purchases, Todd's experience and expertise have helped countless child care professionals to find their ideal property.
Who Is The “Child Care Marketing LIVE” Event Created For?
Now you might be wondering who “Child Care Marketing LIVE” is for…

Well, it's for Child Care Business Owners of ALL Types and Sizes WHEREVER You Are Around The World...

  • It’s for those who feel like their business is struggling and they need help to get it on track... 
  • It’s for those who know they NEED to spend more time learning how to market their business, and provide for their loved ones. 
  • ​Anyone who needs more customers in their business.
  • The ones who just want to keep up to date with the latest marketing techniques. 
  • ​Those who want to get a full child care business, provide high quality child care and want to serve their community more. 
If that sounds like you... then this conference was created for YOU!
Myron Golden Two Comma Club Award
Myron Golden Two Comma Club Award

Where Is The Event Being Held?

Join us in the fabulous Wyndham Grand Resort, Orlando, Florida.

14651 Chelonia Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32821, United States
Don't Worry If You Can't Attend...
We understand that everyone has commitments so you may not be able to attend the event live. Don't worry...we've got you covered. The event is also being hosted virtually so you can watch from the comfort and convenience of your own home!
Now, you’re probably wondering… 
“How Much Will It Cost To Have Me, And Some Of The Top Child Care Marketing Experts Train You For The Whole Day...?”
You Can Attend The Whole Day For Just $97
We'll Even Guarantee The Day!
'Guaranteed Or You Pay NOTHING!
That’s one day, six experts, and an incredible opportunity to learn about the latest marketing techniques for only $97!

Be there to find support in a community that understands your position, learn from experienced child care professionals, and take the first steps to transforming your business!

You will walk away with actionable steps to take your business to the next level!

It only takes one day to change your thinking.
Natalie Hodson Two Comma Club Award


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If that's not enough reason to grab your tickets today, you'll also get these 3 amazing bonuses!


Full of worksheets, guides and handy tips to support everything you've learned at the event.


An audit of your existing marketing strategy to highlight areas that can be built on in 2021/22.


A call with one of our Child Care Business Success Coaches.

PLUS this year, we'll be doing something a little different...

The gorgeous "7 Figure Owner" framed disc is awarded to Childcare Business Owners for generating over $1 Million through their Childcare Business!

Introducing The
"7 Figure Owner" 

Here You Will Meet All Of The Childcare Business Owners Who Made The Club This Year. You'll have the opportunity to question them around their success AND Set A Goal To Reach Your Own 7 Figures Within 12 Months!

Here's what some of our previous event attendees have to say...

Frequently Asked Questions

Venue / Accommodation

 What Is The Event Date?

September 27th, 2021 (most people will arrive on the Sunday to make the most of the amazing hotel).

 Which Hotel is this at?

Wyndham Grand Resort, Orlando, Florida, 14651 Chelonia Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32821, United States

 Is there a roomblock?

There is - $159 plus 12.5% tax totalling $178.88 for each night - Booking Information HERE

 Which Airport to fly into?

MCO - Orlando International Airport (14.7 Miles Away from Wyndham Grand Resort)

Tickets and Registration

 What is the price difference between In Person and Virtual Event tickets?

Tickets to attend LIVE are only $97 or virtual tickets are only $67.

 What is the Refund policy?

If you require a refund, you must contact us no later than August 27th, 2021 (30 days before the Event).

 How can I buy bulk tickets?

Please contact us via email:
Please note, there is no discount for bulk tickets. All tickets are $97.

 If I select in-person, but get COVID a few days before the Event, can I attend the virtual event instead?

Yes, we will convert your ticket into a virtual ticket. 

 What happens if the Event is unable to happen due to Covid?

If due to COVID, we are unable to hold a live event, your ticket will be converted into a Virtual Ticket, where you will have an amazing Virtual Experience!

 Can I purchase a ticket onsite the day of the event?

Not this year; due to Covid, all tickets must be purchased in advance. 

 My country doesn’t allow travel, how can I attend?

If you are unable to attend the Event in person, you can purchase a virtual ticket and attend that way.

Event General Questions

 What is the deadline for deciding if I will be attending in person or virtually?

August 27th is the deadline of notifying us if you will be attending in person or virtually. This will allow enough time to plan accordingly and make sure you receive your workbook.

 Are there COVID-related restrictions about who can attend?

Please defer to your local jurisdiction to determine if restrictions apply. If you have questions, please contact us at

 Are there sponsorship opportunities for my business?

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to

 Does the hotel offer free parking?

No, however you can take advantage of the discounts we have put in place.
Self Parking: $14 per night
Valet Parking: $34 per night

 Are pets allowed in the Event?

 No, the Wyndham Grand Resort does NOT allow pets in their hotel.
If you have a service animal, please reach out to us in advance so we can help coordinate. 

 Will there be an opportunity to meet the Childcare Business Growth team?

Yes, some of the team will be available to meet and provide additional support to your business during the event.

 Will any meals be provided with my Event ticket?

There will be snacks at breaks along with coffee and tea, but you are responsible for your own meals.

 What is the difference between IN PERSON and VIRTUAL tickets?

Both experiences are going to be amazing! The difference is: in person, you will be in Florida at the event space; virtual can be watched anywhere in the world where there is internet access :)

 Will all of the speakers be present at the event or will they present over zoom on tv/big screen?

We are hoping to have all speakers in person at Childcare Marketing LIVE, but we have learned over the last 12 months that things can change.

 Will there be a conference app that we can download?

No, we do not have a conference app at this time. 

 Who are the speakers this year?

The speakers and the bios are all outlined above.

 How many People will be at this Event?

Due to Covid we will be limiting the event to 100 people.

 Are we allowed to record audio/video at the event?

No, recording or live streaming of the event is strictly prohibited. We encourage you to take pictures and we will share event recordings.

 Is there a Facebook Group for Child Care Marketing Live?

There will be! We will have more details soon...

Age Limitations

 Is there an age limit to attend?

There is no age limit to attend. If you are under 18 years old, however, you must attend with your legal guardian.

 Can I bring my baby/kids?

No, this Event is not appropriate for young children. If you have unique circumstance and you need to bring your child, please contact us by August 27th at and we will do what we can to help. 


 Is there a VIP/Preferred seating area?

At this time, there is no VIP or Preferred seating.

 Do you make special accommodations for those with physical limitations?

Yes. Special Early Access is available. Please reach out to

 Can I purchase an Early Access Ticket?

No, not at this time. Early access is reserved for our DoneForYou and Mastermind clients.

 How will the seating be setup?

Due to Covid there will be a maximum of 4 people per table and all tables will be spaced out for social distancing.


 What covid protocols will be in place?

We will follow the State and Hotel Guidelines/Regulations at the time of the event. More information will be provided as appropriate.

 Are you going to be enforcing a mask policy?

We will be following State/City/Hotel guidelines for masks and overall safety. Our ability to host this event will be determined by following the rules and regulations at the time of the event.

 Can you tell me what health and safety precautions are going to be in place?

We will continue to analyze and make determination on appropriate precautions.
Masks and hand sanitizer will be available. We will also be adhering to Florida’s and the hotels policies and guidelines that are in place at the time of the event. (Be sure to check out the seating arrangements above).

 Do I need a Vaccine to attend?

We will be following covid and safety protocols. At this time, we are NOT planning on requiring attendees to have a vaccine but any health and safety related questions are subject to change. 

 What happens if I get sick while travelling to the Event and/ or get sick at the Event?

If at the Event, please provide us with notice; we will send out more details closer to the Event.
If you get sick before the Event (see above).
If you get sick at the Event, we ask that you notify us and do not attend. 

Venue / Accomodation

 Event Date

September 27th, 2021 (our room booking discount starts from September 23rd if you'd like to arrive early)

 Which Hotel is this at?

Wyndham Grand Resort, Orlando, Florida 

 Is there a room block?

There is - $159 plus $30 Resort Fee ($189 Total) - Booking Information HERE

 Which Airport to fly into?

MCO - Orlando International Airport (19.2 Miles Away from Gaylord Palms)

Tickets and Registration

 What is the price difference between In Person and Virtual Event tickets?

It is $97 to attend Live and get the fully experience, or just $67 to attend virtually.

 What is the Refund Policy?

If you require a refund, you must contact us no later than August 7th, 2021 (45 day before the Event). 

 How can I buy bulk tickets?

Please contact us via email:
Please note, there is no discount for bulk tickets. All tickets are $97.

 Which Airport to fly into?

MCO - Orlando International Airport (19.2 Miles Away from Gaylord Palms)
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